É guerra?

Anonymous: Amei tudo aqui! Posta de Boogie Oogie, por favor *-*

O que você quer de BO, algum casal ou personagem? Estou esperando alguma coisa acontecer para ver se faço um gifset mas até agora… Nada.

Fashion meme: Aurora

Fashion meme

Oi, gente, eu sempre faço post pedindo opiniões e etc e ninguém nunca responde mas queria fazer um meme fashion, me digam um personagem e  farei gifs com minhas roupas favoritas. O que acham?

rebelde meme → (1/6) casais

mia colucci & miguel arango

Em Familia | Leninha e Laerte | Center Of Attention



Hi guys, a little attention please. We’re undergoing a major global issue and we need your help! 
Shell, large company known worldwide, in partnership with Lego toys, is starting a project to explore for oil in the Arctic continent. As if that were not enough, they would be alienating children around the world, because they are the future consumers. 
If the fact does not scare you, just know that when the process is finished, will no longer exist flora and fauna in the Arctic (think about bears, foxes and rabbits that will be homeless!) And worse, extinct forever. The Arctic is considered the air-conditioning of the world, without it, our climate would also be fully committed. 
And now, think of you, who live in a city on the coast, which will be flooded by tides that rose above expectations. Unless you’re a mermaid, you will love the idea. 
But I’m human, and I cherish the world we live in harmony with the environment. And if you also want to be alive, doing things on your blog all day, listening to The XX, Lana Del Rey or whatever, sign the petition “Save the Arctic” and against Shell’s partnership with Lego. (Remember when you loved playing lego with his cousins ​​at 6 years old?
Okay, you’ve been warned. 
And if you made ​​it this far, do your part by clicking here to help the arctic, and here to protect our children.
Peace out, Mother Nature. 
…or I wish I could be.

for more information talk with her